Range Rover/Game Over with Kandy Apple Redd

by Allison

Later this summer Kandy Apple Redd will release their Isotopia debut with the song and video for “Do Things”. Drenched in romance, the video is a visual love letter to pre-pandemic New York City.  But before “Do Things” came “This Club” – a spare Tra’zae produced track the girls laid down on the P-Funk tour bus.

In May of 2018 it was exciting and maddening producing the very clever “This Club” video.  I was charged with engaging brands for the video. Clothes? got em, (Thanks Cupcake Mafia) Cognac? Check (Thanks, Brossard)… Range Rover? hmm…  So, it began, the hunt for a Range Rover… I sent proposals, emails to national, regional and finally local dealerships in Atlanta.  Over a three -month period, the answer was the same …”No” or “we will think about it”

48 hours before the shoot, I followed up (again) with Jaguar Land Rover of North Atlanta and one of their marketing people said “I’ll give your proposal to our GM.”  It was 24 hours before the video…no callback from the dealership.  At this point we were stopping people on the street and offering them money for their car to be used in the video – and some were actually considering it.  Enter Mr. Richard Kim, he was the man! I mean after all- the marquee local hip-hop artists came to him for cars for their videos.  He mentioned some names and all I could say was Kandy Apple Redd, a new female group…he listened to the song loved the line “Range Rover, game over” and said “Yes!”…15 hours before the shoot. After signing a little paperwork, the car was ours. That was how that beautiful black Range Rover HSE appeared in the Kandy Apple Redd video. So many artists aspire to the Range Rover brand. As Producer, wearing many hats I had the opportunity to drive the black beauty in the rain no less, but fair warning! Stack your chips till you’re really ready for the Range – she’s a thirsty gal! Game Over!